2 thoughts on “Forthcoming reviews”

  1. Hi Andy, just found your blog. Nice review structure, fun to browse through. Like you I don’t have enough cookbooks (somewhere over 400 for me but I never put the real figure in print in case my wife sees it). I’m sure you have a day job but it might be fun to throw in an occasional extra review on a classic from the past? I’m thinking Diane Kennedy’s The Cuisines of Mexico, or Claudia Roden’s Middle Eastern Food.


  2. Paul, thanks very much for reading and for commenting. I have often thought it would be a nice idea to include some classics and it is something I will look to do in the future. You are right however, this is a hobby site and it takes quite a bit of time already to organise the review schedule so adding classics to the mix will take a bit of managing but watch this space.


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